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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Jan Scotland was born in Harlem New York and graduated from Andrew Jackson high school. He graduated from Hampton University in Virginia with a degree in chemistry. Mr. Scotland worked at B.F. Goodrich as chemist and then chemical purchasing before being head hunted to Owens Corning Fiberglass as a Supervisor of Chemical Purchasing. Mr. Scotland now owns his own State Farm agency where he has served the citizens of Toledo for the past 30 years, Jan Scotland came to Toledo in 1981. Since that time he has served in government roles as a Civil Service Commissioner, a Toledo City Councilman, Chairman of the Board of Community Relations, Member of the Ohio Future Courts Commission and various other positions throughout the state of Ohio. He has served his community as Chairman of the NAACP Annual Fund Raising Banquet, Chair of the East Toledo Family Center Board, Chair of the Fredrick Douglas Community Association Board and current Chair of the U.T. President’s Committee on African American Recruitment and Retention for the Medical College.


He continues to be active in multiple efforts to improve the condition of the citizens of Toledo. He considers the Sleepy Hollow Athletic League as his greatest contribution to the Toledo community. He started Sleepy Hollow over 26 years ago as an all-volunteer youth league serving at-risk kids from ages 4-10. The idea was to create a safe environment where kids could learn the basics of the game while being taught good sportsmanship, respect for authority and how to get along with each other. The league has expanded thru the years to include kids up to 18 years of age and other sports such as basketball, flag football, golf and tennis, over four thousand kids throughout Toledo and the surrounding area have benefited from his efforts. He is most proud of his marriage of 37 years and the raising of his two children.